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Item #: PC-11-TASSEL
Reg. Price: $57.00
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Please Note: The only colors in stock at this time are Beige and Black. We will update the status when more are available. 


The 11" tassels feature a bell shape 3"w x 11"h tassel attached to a generous 32" braided rope cord by an elegant forged metal clasp. They are the most versitile tassel with use for all but the smallest tapestries. Tassels are an wonderful acessory to home decor bringing added dimension and a spark of elegant decorator ambiance to a well dressed room.



Tassel Colors:
  • Beige - Mix of rich tans and neutral beiges

  • Gold -  A mix of rich gold with a hint of beige

  • Earth - A mix of rich chocolate browns and chestnut

  • Sage - Soft gentle greens with a hint of gold

  • Wine - Rich burgundy with hints of black and tan

  • Black - Mixed with light tans, beige and a hint of cream 


Tassels have many uses:




  • Over each end of your tapestry rod


  • Over each end of drapery rods and swag holders

  • As tie-backs for draperies

  • Draped over the arm of a floor lamp

  • Twined from the corners of canape' beds or tall bed posts



View 11", 9" & 5" Size Tassels in Use 



11" Tassels feature a bell shape 3"w x 11"h tassel attached to a generous 32" braided 

rope cord by an elegant forged metal clasp. The most versitile tassel with use for all but the smallest tapestries.

9" Tassels

are super plush and dense

steeple shape

5"w x 9"h hanging from a elegant thick double twisted rope cord with

an overall drop of 27". Best for use on larger grande tapestries.

5" Double Tassels are bell shape and measure

4"w x 5"h each.   A tassel is featured on each end of the 28" thin twisted rope cord, hence the name double tassels.





Pure Country Weavers is a family owned and operated business in Lynn, NC since 1988.

They produce our most detailed vibrant tapestries and are proudly made in the USA!


 This item ships directly from the manufacturer usually within 1-2 weeks. If you have purchased a tapestry at the same time your tassels will ship with your tapestry. 



Tapestries have been used as both an art from and a medium for recording historical events. The famous Beaux Tapestry is a historical account of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The tapestry was hand woven and took years to complete. Thousands of tapestries have been commissioned as pure works of art, adorning fine homes through the ages. Tapestries today are created with a mix of past and present art.


Tapestries are meant to be hung from the walls, the manner in which they are hung is a mixture of personal preference and science.

If you have sheetrock walls (sheetrock has a high lime content) do not hang your tapestries directly against the wall. Over time, the lime in the sheetrock will adversely affect your tapestry. Utilize brackets that will keep the tapestry 1-2 inches off the walls.

If you have plaster walls, feel free to hang your tapestry against the wall, or 1-2 inches off the wall.

Do not hang a tapestry in direct sunlight. As with any work of art; oil, paper, etc.  Direct sunlight will fade the art over time.


 Delectably Yours Home Interiors & Decor is proud to represent and bring to you the fine art work of Pure Country Weavers and Fine Art Tapestries.


The Story of Pure Country Weavers & Fine Art Tapestries


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