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Cityscapes Tapestry Wall Hangings
Our Cityscape Wall Art Tapestries feature scenes from Paris France, Venice, Manhattan NY, Italy, New Orleans and many European Villages. Artists include Fabrice de Villeneuve, Betsy Brown, Michael O'Toole, Al Riccio, Marcelo Silva, Rodger Duvall, Carol Jensen, Jan McLaughlin, Kurt Walters, K C Lai, Trick, Marcelo Silva, John Douglas, Marilyn Simandle, Pasqual Bueno, Borafull and more. Various sizes to suit your space
Classics Wall Hangings
The Classics in Art stand the test of time, Choose woven tapestry art from Vincent Van Gogh, Edmond Blair Leighton, Sandro Botticelli, William Bouguereau, Boreas, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, Sir Francis Dicksee, John Waterhouse, John Collier, Alphonse Mucha, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Schutzengel, William Morris, George Seurat and John Waterhouse. Many are offered in several sizes to fit your space.
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